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Our Story


Lund Yoga Community was founded by Drew Teller who moved to Lund, Sweden in 2018 from San Francisco, California. He saw the opportunity to give back to the yoga community by making yoga available to everyone!

It all started with one class and one purpose.

The Mission

To make yoga accessible to everyone.

Our Vision

To create a community full of diverse and curious individuals who all share a common intention to practice yoga.

Our Values

Safe Space - Lund Yoga Community's number one value is safety. We strive to set the intention to hold this space by first and foremost creating a space to feel. Creating a space to fully feel leads to an opportunity to practice radical self-acceptance and transition into full compassion. Lund Yoga Community strives to provide you with an opportunity to fail and accept yourself for working hard in the process. Yoga is your practice and this space does not take your power away but works to serve you in realizing your own true strength.

Gratitude - Lund Yoga Community values gratitude and strives to create a space that allows each and every student an opportunity to be grateful for their intention to show up. The community would not exist without people showing up every week and for that, we are incredibly grateful for your practice. Practicing our value of gratitude is done by showing appreciation for each other and the wonderful opportunity to share our energy with each other.

Mindfulness - Lund Yoga Community values mindfulness because there is so much power in being mindful. The idea around mindfulness is the subtle art of being present. The attention to the present moment allows for an opportunity to increase mindfulness. It's important to notice who we are, what we have, and to understand how grateful we are to be with each other. Mindfulness is practiced in this space to promote respect, to engage with kindness, and to be aware of ourselves among others. Mindfulness can transform a room into a safe space full of gratitude and awareness! 

Imperfection - Lund Yoga Community values imperfection because imperfection is much more than just understanding that no one is perfect. Our value of imperfection is about the intention to accept yourself for whatever shows up each day. The value of imperfection is practiced through self-compassion. Imperfection is the mindset that binds us together in the shared experience of practicing yoga. Yoga is the practice of showing up and trying yout best. Lund Yoga Community believes your best is good enough!

Fun - What's safety, gratitude, mindfulness, and imperfection without a little fun! At the end of the day, we just want our students and community to enjoy our time together. It's an absolute privilege to share our space with everyone. Lund Yoga Community practices fun by choosing to be joyful in our yoga!​


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