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Low Arm Balance Workshop

Sunday, May 12th

11.00-12.40 @ LYC Studio

Overcome your balancing fears and learn how to properly stand on something other than your feet!​ Practicing yoga is not only an opportunity to build strength and balance on our own feet but how often do you get the opportunity to stand tall and proud on your hands? 

Low arm balance postures are key to increasing core strength, enhancing shoulder mobility, and building more self-awareness. Most of our daily lives consist of sitting at a desk and standing up, which leads to shoulder join inactivity. The shoulder joint is one of the most mobile joints in our body, which makes it one of the most important joints! It's so important to maintain joint activation and increase shoulder mobility to reduce our chances of pain in the future. Low arm balancing postures will help you release energy in areas of your body that are calling for change and give you an opportunity to develop muscle stability around your arms.

Lund Yoga Community values safety first and foremost. The primary focus of this workshop is to provide step by step guidance through basic arm balancing postures. Lund Yoga Community’s purpose is to provide accessible yoga for everyone, which is why this special arm balancing workshop will be accessible for someone who has never tried yoga before!

Yoga is a personal practice of self-exploration and this workshop will create a space that allows you to experience what works best for you. Our goal is to share useful tips in hopes to develop your own practice!


Please join us for a carefully guided and fun low arm balance workshop! If you’re curious or interested in joining, register below!

For more information on arm balances, read about the benefits here!


Meet the Instructors

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Katia is a world traveling yoga teacher who trained Ashtanga Yoga in India. “I love challenging myself with arm balancing postures because it helps me overcome my fears!"

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Drew trained Vinyasa Yoga in San Francisco, California. He has over 100+ hours of teaching experience. He values making yoga accessible for everyone. "Arm balancing postures are an amazing way to channel stillness!"