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Community Testimonials

Katerina Tahautdinova


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"I like classes with Drew a lot...carefully created sequences accomplished with proper guidance. I highly recommend Lund Yoga Community for both beginners who are new to yoga and for those who are already familiar with it."


Babs Kunle


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"Can't think of a better way to be introduced to Yoga. LYC is indeed that, a community where one can practice Yoga at all levels. Had my very first Yoga practice at LYC a couple of months ago and several sessions in, I can't wait for it to be 11 am on Sunday again. Thanks a lot, Drew, you made history!"

rebecca alice yoga.jpg

Rebecca Alice


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"Drew’s passion and knowledge about yoga is inspiring. Not only is Drew a great vinyasa and yin teacher, for both beginners and advanced students, he has created a yoga community where people can go learn, share and drink tea. It’s exactly what Lund needed. I’d recommend Drew and LYC without hesitation."

Diversity | Equality | Culture

Lund Yoga Community is proud to serve people with international backgrounds from all over the world. With gratitude, we are incredibly proud to share our stories with each other. Promoting diversity is a cornerstone in the yoga community in which we welcome all cultures!

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