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Sun Salutation Clinic:

The Fundamentals of Vinyasa

Date: Saturday 22/2

Time: 10:30-12:30

Location: Studio A (LTH Gymnasium)

Cost: 150 SEK early registration (below)
200 SEK at the door

Sun salutations, or in Sanskrit Surya (sun) Namaskara (to bow with reverence), date back over 3,000 years. Sun salutations are one of the most common, purposeful, and fundamental sequences in yoga. Most yoga classes incorporate some elements of the sun salutation into each practice. 

The Sun Salutation Clinic is designed to break down each posture within the basic sun salutation sequence. During this workshop, we deep dive into body alignment, transitions (vinyasa flow), and the purpose of each posture. 

Lund Yoga Community believes in creating a safe space and a safe practice, making yoga accessible to everyone. The Sun Salutation Clinic includes introducing modifications for each posture to provide everyone with a safe and injury-free practice. By developing an understanding of how to practice sun salutations, you strengthen your yoga practice and increase your awareness of the individual postures, this helps you to feel more comfortable within your yoga practice.

This workshop is an excellent opportunity to ask questions, work closely with the teacher, and have fun learning about Sun Salutations! Please send us an email, Facebook, or Instagram message if you have any questions!

Instructor: Erin Kennedy Tsunoda

Erin is originally from Canada and has been practicing yoga for almost 20 years. She came to yoga from an athletic background including ballet, basketball, skiing and ultra running. Erin is a Registered Yoga Teacher who specialises in working with athletes and making yoga accessible for everyone.

Erin believes yoga should be safe, fun, and inspiring!

Registration: Sun Salutation Clinic


150 SEK Early Registration (before 21/2)

200 SEK (at the door 22/2)

Cash or Swish Accepted

There Are 2 Ways To Early Register:

1. SWISH 0764221456 Erin Kennedy Tsunoda​​. In the Swish message, write "LYC Sun Salutation Clinic, your email address, # of people attending"

2. Pay in cash to Erin Kennedy Tsunoda (or any LYC yoga teacher) in person.

Space is limited, sign up early and save 50 SEK.